Brand creation is now a core function in most Universities

What is the biggest trend in twenty-first century higher education? In a word – marketing. In the last ten years, more and more schools and institutions have begun to focus their efforts on marketing to attract prospective students. Higher education marketing is crucial to enrollment and retention, but it is also an important component to higher education branding.

Brand creation is now a core function in most university and institution marketing departments, and schools are committing more time and more money to ensure that their brand is visible, engaging, and credible. But marketing to prospective students is not easy and it can be difficult to successfully communicate an institutional brand without a good marketing strategy and experience selecting the many tools available. It is easy to find examples of poorly managed attempts at branding (or rebranding) or marketing campaigns that fell flat, and even competent university in-house marketing teams can struggle to identify the ideal ways to optimize their brand’s exposure. That is where Sloa Camp can help. With more than ten years in higher education marketing we have the experience and vision to maximize the potential of your school’s brand and your marketing budget.

Sloa Camp takes the guesswork out of higher education marketing and provides you with a custom-built, intuitive marketing platform that responds directly to the needs of your institution. Our trusted marketing system starts with a grassroots approach, establishing your brand where it matters most – in organic search results. With Sloa Camp, you can improve your brand recognition and visibility, while simultaneously gaining traction in unbranded searches. Because Sloa Camp ranks in on all major search engines, promoting your school on Sloa’s established listings allows qualified students from all over the world to find and engage directly with your institution. And with more than 42 million student visitors per year, your program is guaranteed maximum visibility.

In addition to providing the highest conversion rates in the industry, Sloa’s unique marketing approach offers a variety of creative, authentic outreach efforts that appeal directly to your target student base. Our marketing strategies allow you to focus your efforts on the areas and demographics with the most potential and relevance, and our system offers immediate insight into the success of your campaign. More importantly, Sloa understands that successful marketing campaigns require a clear, distinct goal and establish authentic interactions with students. Our dedicated team helps you to choose the ideal package for your marketing needs, leaving you free to engage prospective students and encourage their academic dreams.

"As an international business higher education institution, European University needs the appropriate tool to promote our programs worldwide. Sloa Camp provides just that tool."