The number of Electric Vehicles on the streets of the EU has seen rapid growth during the last few years, having a very dynamic and not easily predictable evolution, varying from country to country. It is expected that 14mil public charging stations will be installed by 2030 in Europe. The companies building EV charging station networks face a big challenge, how many chargers to build and where the new ones should be built. Building too many or in the wrong places will lead to excessive CAPEX spending without the proper Return on Investment hurting their profitability and jeopardizing their business plans. On the other hand, if they do not meet the demand, they will end up with many dissatisfied customers, which may churn to their competition. Even worse, dissatisfied customers waiting too long to charge their vehicle, will impact the public opinion regarding the attractiveness of Electric Mobility, thus negatively influencing the EV adaptation. The project has as its scope the calculation of the best deployment of the EV chargers in wide areas.