Recruitment and marketing

Recruitment and marketing are important issues in higher education, but the ultimate goal of both higher education marketing and higher education recruitment is to increase the number and improve the quality of student at higher education institutions. After all, a university or school is nothing without its students. Changing social and economic factors mean that recruiting and enrolling students have become increasingly difficult, particularly when it comes to the domestic markets of many countries. Still, students throughout the world have become more discerning in relation to the ROI of higher education, online education platforms have disrupted the exiting patterns of academic activities, and more students are opting for nontraditional approaches to earning degrees and professional credentials.

It is no surprise then that institutional admissions strategies have become more complicated and diverse. Colleges and universities are going to great expense to attract students, but recruitment strategies are only as good as their results and unless qualified prospective students enroll and complete their degrees, an extensive, high-cost recruitment plan is useless. Similarly, while some schools consider lowering their admissions requirements and standards to encourage applications, most higher education research suggest that this is counterproductive in both domestic and international student cohorts. It is important to remember that the actual goal of enrolling students is retention, which produces a much larger ROI for both the school and the successful students. Universities with positive growth in student enrollment and high rates of student retention are able to provide the best services, programs and resources, which in turn attracts more qualified students and increases the overall profile of the school.

At Sloa Camp, we understand that the key to optimal student enrollment and retention starts long before a student applies to a university. Students find programs listed on our intuitive website through non-branded searches, which means that Sloa Camp helps universities connect with qualified students at the earliest stage in their search. This allows you to connect with your prospective students from the beginning, ensuring that they receive all of the relevant information and support they will need to successfully enroll, matriculate, and eventually graduate from your institution. Sloa's adaptive enrollment strategies are tailored to the needs of your school. They simplify the student engagement process and help you meet your enrollment goals so that can focus on fostering a long-term relationship with your new students