100% are the succeed applicants of the Enhancement of Youth Entrepreneurship 2015 program trusted SLOA

All the proposals submitted by SLOA in the first call for the Enhancement of Youth Entrepreneurship 2015 have taking high rating and are financed by the Republic of Cyprus. The aim of the Scheme is to develop, support and encourage entrepreneurship by young people who, based on their knowledge expertise and talent, will establish a new enterprise. The scheme covers new enterprises of the manufacturing, service or tourism sector, and e-commerce. Emphasis is given in the development of new technologies, in the use of innovative methods of production and promotion of products and services, in the development of environmental friendly products and generally in modern entrepreneurial practices aiming at the creation of a dynamic and competitive unit. The scheme motivates successful applicants by offering them a grand, as a percentage (50%) on the approved budget. The maximum amount of grand is €70,000 for enterprises of the manufacturing sector, and €50,000 for all other activities.

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