Systematic Logical Operations Advisers

A dynamic Presence in Management Consulting

SLOA was founded from experienced executives of business consulting area, with extensive experience in relative positions. The firm acquires intense business consulting expertise, which is based on its founders’ as well as its affiliates’ long-lasting experience. It provides specialized services in enterprises and institutions of the Private and Public Sector.

Through our profound knowledge, extensive experience of our executives and business partners we help our Clients accomplish their most challenging and complex aspirations. Our constant attempt to provide premium quality services, in conjunction with our respect to the customers’ needs, act as the main motivator for company’s continuous growth and expansion of its customers’ base. The company's works are certified by EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Company’s range of services covers various thematic subjects such as: Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Implementation of Development Policy, Information Technology Consultant & Services, Big Data Analytics and Recruitment for professionals and students for various positions.